Slate Roofing

Natural slate is hard wearing and beautiful. Slate roofing is a skill, like putting a large jigsaw together. With an absorption index of just 0.4%, it’s naturally water resistant, making it perfect for roofs and has been used for such for hundreds of years.

A typical slate roof has a life span of between 80 and 100 years. The properties of slate are quite impressive, making it perfect for roofs. It’s a good electric insulator, resistant to UV light and extreme temperatures. Slate requires no ongoing maintenance when fitted to a high standard.

Slate has been mined in Cumbria for hundreds of years with different from different parts of the Lake District having distinctive appearances. It’s possible to tell where a slate is from just its look.

Every single slate will vary in thickness, giving it a distinctive texture and appearance. Every slate is unique and needs to be of the correct size to fit seamlessly onto the roof to achieve a high-quality finish. British slate is exceptionally strong and durable and therefore hardwearing.

At D Sewell we have generations of experience installing slate roofs over Cumbria and the North of England. Committed to the finest standard of fitting. Each slate is split by hand, and the finished look is always impressive. Slate has taken millions of years to form, it’s the most beautiful, hardwearing and reliable roof you can choose for your property.

So whether you are looking for a new roof or wanting a natural and hard-wearing roof for your new build property, we can advise as to what would suit your needs best. To find out more about slate roofing please contact us. 

Slate roofing on a traditional Lake District property